Sculpture in the 20th Century -
Between Abstraction, Object and Action -
Peter Weibel
Photo Series - Karin Apollonia Müller
Art in Public Space - History and Concepts -
Florian Matzner
Sculpture Park Austria -
Dirk Snauwaert
Art Garden:
Description of the presented works
The Park as a Stage - The Garden Worlds of Landscape Architct Dieter Kienast - Thomas Proksch
List of works, Artists' Biographies, Photographers, Authors,
Colophon, List of illustrations
The Sculpture Park Austria, in the south of Graz, has established since its foundation in 2003 as center of contemporary austrian sculpture corresponding with international art movement. Nestled into the landscape

architectur of Dieter Kienast, 60 works by important representatives of different artists' generations - from Fritz West to Erwin Wurm or Michael Kienzer - becomeaccessible, free from the confines of a museum.
The Sculpture Park Austria enables visitors to experience contemporary art in an ideal setting.
The publication shows all current works of Sculpture Park Austria. They are described by well-known art experts and presented by excellent pictures of the art photographers Andrew Bush and Karin Apollonia Müller.

Engrossing contributions to "Sculpture in Public Space" and to the alteration of the term "Sculpture" since 1900, as well as statements by international artists complete the book.

You'll need a lot of time to see the Sculpture Park - You'll need even more time to read the book. Both will pay off!

Sculpture Park Austria    
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