Blázquez Abascal, Jimena
Sculpture-Parks in Europe - A Guide to Art and Nature

239 p., 24x16 cm, 335 illus., 276 in colour, Softcover,
ISBN-10: 3-7643-7625-2  -  ISBN-13: 978-3-7643-7625-3

A Birkhäuser book,
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The first printed survey about European sculpture parks
The authors describe the development of sculpture in the 2nd half of the 20th century. Many artists settle their works in the open air, in sculpture parks and consciously they implant a connection to the environmental surrounding. Not only cities but also the rural areas with natural factors and problems (e.g. industrial history) are object and receive attention by the artists’ work. Art pieces and the used material are no longer pure decoration of the surrounding garden or park, as happened in renaissance and baroque era. Art piece and surrounding have a clear coherence. The most obvious examples are developed by land art (earthworks).
In 18 European countries the authors chose sculpture parks of high quality which created by their concepts an enlargement of urban culture into the close to rural surrounding. They follow the new understanding of sculptors and sponsors since the last decades of 20th century.

About the book:
Descriptions and information in varying detailedness, with excellent photos to more than 130 European sculpture parks, their founders, presented artists and works. Short notes to opening times, admission, facilities and directions.
In some countries other parks could be chosen.
The introductive historical and environmental developments are too detailed. For clarity and handling contents and index could be structured more clearly.

An excellent description about concepts, intensions of artists and sculpture parks!
Very recommendable!

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