Katharina Prantl

Gehen - über den Hügel von St. Margarethen - von Stein zu Stein

Passagen Verlag, Wien, 2004

208 p., 15,4x15 cm, hardcover, 190 illus., 100 in colour

ISBN 3-85165-657-1    - € 29,00




Katharina Prantl

Gehen - über den Hügel von St. Margarethen -                von Stein zu Stein
(Walking - over the hill of St. Margarethen - from stone to stone)

"... Our interest is in art, in preserving it, nurturing it and winning people over to its cause in the future.
Walking over the hill of St. Margarethen, from stone to stone ...the views stretching to the eastern foothills of the Alps, across vineyards across the Neusiedler Lake.
A settlement of sculptures ..."

             (preface by Katharina Prantl)

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An arty book with excellent photos of the sandstone sculptures developed in the 60th and 70th..

Only the preface (in 7 languages) gives a very short survey to this unique project by Karl Prantl, to it's background and development.

Interested sculpture friends will miss more information.

But they'll be pleased by a picture tour between unique sculptures in a various landscape.

A very recommendable book!

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