The Sculpture Route St. Wendel,
The Road of Peace in Europe,
- Hommage à Otto Freundlich -

Publisher.: Museum St. Wendel/ Drs. Cornelieke Lagerwaard,
St. Wendel, 2003, - € 10,00 + mailing




The "Stadtmuseum St. Wendel" offers an excellent CD-ROM in three languages, German, English and French, which covers all wishes for information about the "Sculpture Route St. Wendel - The Road of Peace in Europe":
It's origin and development by different sculptors' symposia, photos, with short descriptions of the works and informations about the artists.
The Sculpture Route is divided in four tours, with an overview map and detailed maps to the different areas.
Each one connected with a description of the trail and the positioning of the sculptures in the

landscape. Even local busses and trains are mentioned.

Short contributions to three more sections of the "Route of Peace in Europe". List of further publications.

A must-read information if you prepare a sculpture tour in the Saar area.

Strasse der Skulpturen
(zuzuku - information page)

Review: ehauff 08/2008