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Imperia, 1993

Triumphal Arch


Stadt Konstanz    (Constance)
in the town area

Sculptures by Peter Lenk

the "modern landmark" of Konstanz
"Triumphal arch"
30 figures devoted to the triumph of the cars' craze


sculptures by Peter Lenk are set up in several villages of the Lake Constance area: see also photo-series

Source and photos: ehauff

State: 04/2004

At the southern end of motorway A 81
take the B 33 to Konstanz

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"Imperia" is set up in the harbour with
easy access. The "
Triumphal Arch", situated in the widespread median strip
of the "Untere Laube-Strasse", is accessible by pedestrian crossings.


Sculptures by Peter Lenk in Lake Constance area