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Draped Reclining Figure, 1952-53 (LH 336)

Three Piece Sculpture: Vertrebrae, 1968,
(LH 580)

Sheep Piece, 1971-72 (LH 627)


Perry Green
Henry Moore Foundation

Sculptures by Henry Moore
Changing exhibitions in the museum

Open: May till October

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Link: www.henry-moore.org/

Information + source:
With friendly permission:
Henry Moore Foundation
Dane Tree House, Perry Green,
Hertfordshire, SG10 6EE

Photos: © ehauff
Reproduced by permission of the Henry Moore Foundation

State (updated): 10/2016

40 miles northeast from London, via M 11 towards Harlow,
Bishop's Strotford

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A smooth park in the landscape, accessible to wheelchairs. Since the sculptures are set up in greens, help has to be considered.

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