About me



Talking with
Karl Prantl in Pöttsching

Self-portrait in an exhibition in Berlin 2009

Visiting art-projects in Bilbao / Basque region with sculpture network 2011

My name is Eberhard Hauff, born in 1944. I live in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. I was self-employed for 25 years. In 1983 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and forced to give up running my business in 1995

   The genesis of the idea for zuzuku
As my abilities decreased, to visit museums to satisfy my interest in modern art, I began to discover and photograph sculptures located outside. These are mostly easily accessible with a wheelchair or at least without the hindrance of staircases.
The joy I derive from many works of art as an expression of artistic development continues to increase today.
I wish to instill the same or a sim
ilar interest in sculptures among other people, in particular fellow multiple sclerosis patients but also among other mobility- impaired people. I've learned that a beautiful occupation helps to overcome an illness.

    2015, after more than thirteen years I've learned a lot about sculptures and I've got many interesting and very friendly contacts. Nowadays more museums are more easily accessible for wheelchairs. And sculptures have become an estimated topic.

zuzuku is well received and some visitors support me with information and photos.