Photo: Nigel Hall, Soglio, 1994
Sculpture at Schoenthal (CH)

About zuzuku                



    zuzuku - "access to art" started in May 2002. It isn't an art historical or theoretical         treatise, but shows in an understandable way a survey to all what "modern sculpture
        and art in public space" offers in many European countries.

     with works of international artists
     urban as well as rural public art,
     links to external websites and information

   information about accessibility for disabled people

zuzuku offers various possibilities for information:
      "Topics / Motives" show works of art, we happen to run into daily
       via countries or regions to places with sculptures
       alphabetical list of artists and sculptors
, represented by sculpture photos at zuzuku
       photo-series to sculpture projects all over Europe
       a selection of lectures, essays and books

zuzuku is gratefull to all organisations, museums, foundations, photographers and artists
        for their permission to publish information and photos, used on this web-page