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Alexander Calder,
Crinkly avec disque rouge, 1973

Werner Pokorny,  
Haus mit durchbrochen Rippen, 2004

Mark di Suvero,
Lobotchevsky, 1987/88

Blasius Spreng, Mosaik-Fassade, 1956, S-Mitte, Liederhalle



More than 150 sculptures in the city and in suburbs

Four routes describe tours in different districts, starting in:
Stuttgart - Center (Mitte)
(Route 1)

A very recommendable book:    

Bärbel Küster: Skulpturen des
20. Jahrhunderts in Stuttgart

Link + Information:

Photos: ehauff / 2003 - 2013

State: 05/2013

You'll reach Stuttgart via the A 8/A 81

   For disabled:
In the center, there are different street coverings, sometimes cobbled. Many sculptures are displayed in parks, e. g. near the university.
Downtown area is plane but closely surrounded by slopy hills. A long lasting construction site started in 2010. Car drivers should use car parks in the suburbs and take the U-Bahn and S-Bahn.

Wheelchair drivers might need help evereywhere.

new: Ways to Art
      in different districts

Route 2:
northern districts
Mitte, Stadtgarten, Nord, Feuerbach, Botnang

Route 3:
western districts
S-West, Hajek Skulpturenpark

Route 4: S-Vaihingen

Route 5: eastern districts
S-Ost, S- Wangen, S-Bad Cannstatt

Route 6: S-Ost + S-Degerloch

new: Works by

Otto Herbert Hajek    

Photo-Series (Center):

Photos in higher resolution:
Wikimedia Commons

Bärbel Küster, "Skulpturen des 20. Jahrhunderts
in Stuttgart"

Stuttgarter Zeitung:
Kunst im öffentlichen Raum